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Paul Henderson

A sense of familiarity amongst newness. For Henderson, collage is primarily about processing and responding to the world’s ever-increasing repository of images. It is digestion, a meditation, and a slowing down on one hand but it is also about (hand) making things and creating new meanings through editing and juxtaposition. The formal outcomes and meaning of a particular work or body of work vary widely depending on the source material, though the main strategy he employs usually begins with the removal/erasure/obfuscation of the subject.

Through juxtaposing one element to another, the images make us rethink the significant of all familiar images. Henderson’s works appear estranged, otherworldly, in-between the possible and the impossible or unlikely, and in a space between real and simulated. By its nature, the collage becomes an interpretation—an expression of opinion. Most recently his work explores traditional pictorial elements with a focus on interior spaces and more direct narratives.

Henderson (b. 1977, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) is an artist and graphic designer that lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He studied BFA in painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He has worked at several artist-run-centres and was the co-founder/creative director of an independent music festival for 9 years. He re-established a visual arts practice in 2014, working primarily in collage and has exhibited across Canada and participated in residencies internationally.