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Kathryn Graham

The work combines to create an environment, in protest of territorialism, playing on the privatised and segregated. Graham is interested in capturing a moment in time, between past, present and future. Questioning emotional and physical memory through material, with an aim to provide a central viewing point from which the viewer can gain their own perspective. Her work identifies and personifies thoughts, memories and emotion both constructed, fleeting, forced and repressed: a reinterpretation and revisualisation of pressing social and political issues such as segregation, barriers, identity and loss. Graham sees her work as a means to tell a story, to superimpose difficult symbology within playful narrative.  

Kathryn Graham (b. 1995, Armagh, Northern Ireland) lives and works in London. She studied Fine Arts BA (Hons) at the University Ulster Belfast and recently received an MFA in Print from Royal College of Art in 2019. Recent exhibitions include From Ireland to India Mural, Shruti Foundation’s Vedaaranya, Rajasthan, India (2020); we [ breathe ] in the space between, ASC MIR Projects, Hart Haus Hong Kong, London (2019); ’35th Annual Show’, Southwark Park Galleries, London, (2019); Get More Stuff,  The Function Suite, London, October (2019); Flock At the Buday.