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Britt Al-Busultan

Britt Al-Busultan’s works of expanded cinema deal with present pressing pregnant issues which connect the past with visions of the future. As human beings we are all connected to the distant past and the far away future. Every existing thing is the result of something that happened in the past. Through the choices we make and made, we incorporate this past in the future, in a ever developing series of nows. Many envisioned futures however fail to ever materialise.

The works invite the viewer to engage in the now. Invented stories are presented, that imagine our future reality based on current knowledge and experience and outdated technologies. It embraces presence to this moment, in the here and now, finding our way in troubled waters.

Al-Busultan uses analogue film in installations and performances to create works of expanded cinema, in which continuously shifting site specific immersive environments are built up. The temporal experience of film is contrasted with film as a spatial structure. The films live in the moment of their projection. What remains are interpretations, reviews and recollections, personal, unreliable and incomplete.

Al-Busultan (b. 1976, Al Khobar, Saudi-Arabia) is based in the area of Vaasa, Finland.She studied Fine Arts (BA) at AKI, Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands and completed an MA in Time//Space from the University of the Arts in Helsinki and from Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. She has been showing her works of expanded cinema internationally in exhibitions and festivals, such as Ann Arbor Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam and AAVE Festival Helsinki. Since 2009, she works and lives in Finland, where she founded the artist run filmlab Filmverkstaden.